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Not all those who wander are lost

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Doctor Who - Stuart Manning Series 8 Posters (Episodes 1-6)

Ugh… I love these sooooooooo much. I really hope they release a merchandise version so you can get like framed ones. They look like gorgeous vintage 50’s movie posters. I really just want one of the ‘Into the Dalek’ or ‘The Caretaker’ posters.

We’re the freakin’ guardians of the galaxy!

Getting a takeaway to make myself feel better about the impending wave of rejection emails that’ll hit my inbox soon enough.

Auditions week is terrible for my self-esteem.

I need to stop talking to people about professional wrestling. There are very few people who care.


Since so many seemed to like my Kieren, I drew a Simon too! He came out looking more realistic than Ren (even though I really tried to limit the palette!) but I’m pretty sure that’s because I can’t draw lashes the length of a soccer field on Simon and still be taken seriously. Anyway, thank you for looking. 

Boyfriend jeans are my new favourite thing because they have pockets you can actually fit stuff in. Incredible!